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Industrial fire extinguishing system

Fire Suppression Systems in Chelmsford & Surrounding Areas

At AJ Fire & Security, we offer high-quality fire suppression systems to ensure your valuable equipment is protected at all times. Contact our team for more information or a free quote.

Need more information or a free quote? Give us a call at AJ Fire & Security today.

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Fire Alarm Installation Specialists

Fire alarm systems are usually required by law in most business premises to ensure that your staff and visitors are alerted of any danger. Automatic detectors activate audio and visual alarms when the presence of smoke, excessive heat and even carbon monoxide are detected.

data cabling

Secure Your Business

We supply, install & maintain Firetrace® fire suppression systems for the protection of all types of equipment: Ideal for Cooker Hoods, Server & data Cabinets, Plant & MCC Control, Vehicle Engine Bays, UPS, Battery Storage & CNC Machines. These systems ensure that your valuable equipment is protected around the clock, even during unoccupied times. Firetrace® equipment is manufactured in England and is of the highest quality. 

What is Firetrace®?

Firetrace® is a pneumatic, self-activating fire suppression system suitable for a multitude of applications. Systems can be stand-alone (mounted in vehicle engine bays or above cooker hoods, for example) or part of a larger fire protection solution within your building, linked to the fire alarm system ensuring constant monitoring.

Various media types are available for the different types of fires:

- NOVEC 1230 (100% safe for electrical equipment)
- Water & AFFF Foam
- Saponification Fluid (for fires involving cooking oil)
- CO2

Systems are bespoke designed for individual applications.


Speak to Us

If you require fire suppression systems in Chelmsford or any of the surrounding areas, look no further than our specialist team at AJ Fire & Security. Give us a call today for a free quote or if you require more information. We also offer fire extinguishers and fire safety training.

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